2019 Colombian Expedition



Life is about taking risks and doing something completely new filled with lifelong memories and new experiences. The Land Cruiser Heaven Colombian Expedition 2019 is filled with just that. imagine taking your beloved Land Cruiser and exploring a new continent , a new culture, delicious food, amazing landscape, and most importantly sharing those experiences with your loved ones.

Colombia is a beautiful country filled with diverse landscapes and terrains, cultures, amazing food, people and history. This overlanding expedition is designed for your Toyota 4x4. There will be a mix of off-roading, camping, eco-tourism, sightseeing, and a complete immersion in Colombian culture and culinary. 

2019 Dates: (Tentative Dates)

  • July 25 (Vehicle Drop-off at Port of Miami)

  • July 29 - Aug 2 (Free days/Travel days to meet in Cartagena, Colombia)

  • Aug 3 - Aug 15 Land Cruiser Heaven Colombian Expedition

  • Aug 15 - Aug 31 Optional Trip Extension

Price: (prices subject to change based on availability)

  • $2550 USD Per 2 Occupants - 12 days ($98 day/person with 3 meals per day and accomodations)

  • $600 USD extra per occupant

Dont want or Cant send your rig to Colombia but still want to go! Rent a Colombian Cruiser!

Rental Prices: (prices subject to change based on availability)

  • 2 Door Prado 90 Series outfitted for off roading- 15 days $1300

    • 4 Cyl with 5 speed manual

  • 2 Door 73 Series Land Cruiser outfitted for off roading - 15 days $1400

    • 4.5L 1FZ Engine with 5 speed manual

  • 4 Door 80 Series Land Cruiser outfitted for off roading - 15 days $1600

    • 4.5L 1FZ Engine with 5 speed manual

Max occupants per vehicle:  3 adults

Sponsorship: We suggest you reach out to your local shops and vendors for sponsorship. This is an international expedition, we are currently getting sponsorhips as well that will benefit the expedition. 

Whats included:

  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • Camping/Hotel Accommodation

  • Rally Event Participation entries

  • Parking

Tentative Schedule:

  • Aug 3 - 4 - Pick up vehicle at Port and temporary Importation process

  • Aug 4 - Expedition Social and Dinner Party - Cartagena

  • Aug 5 - Expedition leaves for the city of Santa Martha

    • Stop in Volcun del Totumo - Mud Volcano

  • Aug 6 - Day in Santa Marta - Depart of Tayrona National Park

  • Aug 7 - Tayrona National Park Experience

  • Aug 8 - Depart for Riohacha 

  • Aug 9 - Depart Riohacha for day trip to El Cerrejon Coal Mine then onto Valledupar

  • Aug 10 - Valledupar River Tour

  • Aug 11 - Depart for Cabo de La Vela

  • Aug 12 - Day in Cabo de la Vela

  • Aug 12 - 15 Guajira Rally Event

  • Aug 15 - return to Cartagena/Optional trip Extension

 Optional Trip Extension: 14 Days

  • Aug 15 - Depart Cabo de La Vela for Bucaramanga

  • Aug 16 - Bucaramanga - San Gil

  • Aug 17 - San Gil - Villa de Leyva

  • Aug 18 - Villa de Leyva Rest Day

  • Aug 19 - Villa de Leyva - Bogota

  • Aug 20 - Off roading in Bogota

  • Aug 21 - Bogota Tourism

  • Aug 23 - Depart Bogota for Hacienda Napoles

  • Aug 24 - Hacienda Napoles Day, Depart for Medellin

  • Aug 25 - Medellin Wheeling and Camping

  • Aug 26 - Medellin Tourism

  • Aug 27 - Leave for Sincelejo

  • Aug 28 - Off roading in Sincelejo

  • Aug 29 - Depart for Cartagena

  • Aug 30 - Leave vehicles at Port for shipment back to Miami

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser in tip top shape

    • Excellent working Cooling and Brake system - a lot of hills and mountains, very hot weather 90+F, vehicle needs to be in good shape

  • Communications:

    • Ham Radio or Portable HT radios

  • Camping equipment

    • Roof top tent*, Fridge* (*Suggested)

  • Lighting

    • Some good off road lights for night driving - difference between driving securely and not knowing whats coming up ahead

Driver Requirements:

  • Team player

  • Sense of adventure

  • Previous camping experience

  • Open-minded

  • Driving experience in other countries

  • Knows well his/her vehicle

  • Likes Latin food

 What to expect:

  • This is hard to explain, thats why its important to be open-minded and have a sense of adventure. 

  • Expect to be welcomed to an amazing country!

  • Lots of fun and memorable memories.

  • Colombia is a 3rd world country and many things are done differently then they are in the US. Being an International Expedition team, we will get a lot of attention, having a US plate is enough to get attention let alone adding a few tricked out rigs to the mix. We need to be welcoming but at the same time maintaining a security mindset.

  • For those single men, there will be times to go out and have some fun at local establishments. 

  • For those bringing a family, expect the event to be family friendly. There will be a lot of time to go out and explore together. 

  • We will try to accommodate your requests as best as possible. 

 What not to expect:

  • That the schedule is set in stone. It is subject to changes.

  • Hotels every night, there will be camping. 

  • Everything to be perfect. 

  • 5 course meals every day, we will be driving through small towns and restaurants aren't what you would expect them to be. 

  • Drug tourism/Sex Tourism - we dont support this industry, Not everyone in Colombia is a drug dealer or knows one, and not every pretty girl is a prostitute so dont ask. Be respectful of your fellow expedition team members and others.

 Whats not Included:

  • Vehicle Shipping to and from the US (Estimate $2000 R/T). Shared Container opportunity from Hagerstown MD.

  • Colombian Port and Customs fees (Approx $400USD)

  • Vehicle Tolls

  • Vehicle Fuel

  • Tips

  • Colombian SOAT Insurance ($80 for 3 months)

 How do I sign up?

  • This is by invitation only. There are limited spots available - 6 trucks max. 

  • Please email us at info@landcruiserheaven.com Subject: LCH Expo Entry telling us why you would be the perfect candidate to take part in this trip. We will notify you of whether you will be part of the 2018 Land Cruiser Heaven Colombia Expedition Team. 

  • Application Deadline February 14, 2019